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Some of my firearms. I will update as I get photos.

My newest addition to my collection. Bushmaster AR-15 M4 A3 flat top with removable A3 carry handle. Mounted is the Eotech 512 with the GG&G Accucam quick release. Also the GG&G A2 rear BUIS (back up iron site), TTi Recoil Eliminator (new not shown), Command Arms stock saddle and butt pad.

This is the .223 16" with a Surefire M73 Picatinny rail for end. First Samco G27 tactical hand grip. YHM rail mount bipod adaptor with Harris HBBR-S bipod, YHM rail sling mount, YHM tactical sling adaptor and YHM quick detach sling swivel.

The famous Bushmaster logo. (photo-shopped out serial)
Co-witness Eotech through iron sights.
Eotech co-witness with out rear peep sight.
Eotech retical sits on top of front site pin. It doesn't matter if the retical is on top of pin, where ever the retical dot is, is the point of impact.
Shots taken at 50 yards with 55gr 3150/fps Georgia Arms Canned heat 7 shots to get 4 keepers.
I pooched the 1st shot and cut the edge. '92 was a bad year.
Next one was on the '$' so to speak. :)
Now we have .50
Pooched this one a bit wide. 2005 must have been a bad year too.
Make that .55
And this one took 2 shots. I was about as close to it as I could get with out actually hitting it on the 1st shot. That makes .65
Romanian AK47 WASR 10 in 7.62x39. The second video is me trying to bump-fire the rifle. I nearly took my right thumb off with the charging handle. I need practice at that. This was the 1st time bump-firing.
Stocks are Fiberforce black 33% glass filled nylon. The upper hand guard doesn't fit as well as I would like, but it's about to under go a complete revision. Also mounted is a Russian PSO 4x24 range finding illuminated retical scope.
View through the PSO scope. Sorry for the slight tilt to the left.
This is a French MLE MAS 36 in 7.5x54. This rifle was a mess when I got it. The furniture has been stripped and reworked. All metal has been re-parkerized.
The lower fore end was split very badly from the bayonet tube back 4". It's been replace.
The bore and bolt on this rifle are amazingly in good shape.
View of the makers mark. (serial edited out)
Original spike bayonet.

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