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Well here's my latest project. I took all of this in on trade for a laptop. There is a complete rifle with a FN/Kaiser A2 upper with a Colt bolt carrier and FN bolt, Compass Lake Engineering lower with a Rock River 2 Stage trigger and Rock River 6 position CAR stock. The barrel is a Mil-Spec EMCO 20" chrome lined, Magnetic Particle tested with a 1/7 twist.

This trade also included 6 30rd. mags, 7 20rd. mags, 1 Colt A3 upper, 1 Colt A3M4 upper and 1 Colt A2 upper (not pictured), gun case extra tube and pistol grip.

I've sent the rifle off to Fern Creek Cyber Gunsmith Shop in Louisville, Ky. to have it refinished with some other parts I had. Tune in and I'll post the pics and break down of what was done. I should have it back by the end of May.

Here's the first picture of the refinish. Claude took this picture during the CAT SCAN! Now how many of you can say your AR has had a CAT SCAN before?? LOL

Well, it's finally here. What'd ya think?? It's been Gun Koted OD Green on the barrel, upper and lower receiver, as well as the stock tube. Everything else is done in Matte Gun Kote black. The Free Float hand guard is a Bushmaster Verminter. The railed gas block is a M&A and the scope mount is a Larue SPR 1.5. I've mounted a Nikon Buckmaster 6-16 x 40 scope with a 1" tube, and protected by Butler Creek Flip-Up Scope Covers.

Range report to come after I go to the range this weekend. This is a 1/7 twist barrel, so I will be shooting 75gr. Hornady and Black Hills as well as 77gr. Black Hills.

Range Report
Well I had some issues last weekend 7/23 that have been resolve to 99% good to go. I was having FTF (Fail to Feed) issues. The right side of the mag stack was nose diving into the barrel extension. I replaced the springs & followers in the mags with Magpul anti-tilt SLF (Self Leveling Followers) and the the FTF has reduced from 50% to 1%, a 49% improvement. I will be "messaging" the the portion where the upper receiver & barrel extension meet to smooth them out.
Here you can see where the barrel and receiver meet are not smooth transition. Here you can see the FTF as it is stuck tip first in the face of the barrel extension,
Here are the targets I shot today, 7/30/06, with 68gr Sierra Match King from Georgia Arms (Top 9 targets) and 68gr Sierra Match King from Black Hills. Temp was a BOILING 98F, wind was between 5 and 15 MPH and a storm was rolling in. So the rifle is more capable than what this shows & watching my crosshairs jump every time my heart beat didn't help matters any either. This target was at 100yrds. from my bipod.

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